In the present day, microwaves are one of those appliances without which your kitchen is incomplete. We understand reheating the food is exhausting especially when time is a constraint. And if you’re a foodie and gorge on yummiest chicken, pizza, and other baking related food items then you’re truly in for a delight.

For such reasons and many more microwaves is the most important appliance that you need for your kitchen.  If you’re new in the microwave zone then you’re truly in for a treat. Currently, models are stylish, sleek and can cook various different items you name and you can cook it, it’s that easy in today’s day and age.

There are three types of microwaves which are as follows:-

  1. Solo microwave oven

Solo microwave oven is great option for those for reheat, simple cooking.

  1. Grill microwave oven

As the name suggests this type is good for reheat and grill.

  1. Convection microwave oven

The convection type of microwave is good for Best for all your cooking needs like Reheat, Grill and Bake.

Let’s talk a bit in detail for each type and see which one works best.

Solo Microwave Oven


Solo microwave ovens are entry level models in the oven category. This type of microwave is good for small families and it is priced nominal as compared to grill and convection microwave.

The solo microwaves are quite reasonable and can cost in between 4k to 8k. Since, it is used for very common purpose and operations.

Grill Microwave Oven

Grill microwave ovens are generally comes with additional grilling accessories and are best suitable to grill vegetables, non-veg in no time.

Convection Microwave Oven

This type of microwave is used for all sorts of cooking needs from heating to baking. Convection microwave ovens have fan which help circulate heat waves proficiently which makes it good for baking as well.

If you’re all about baking, cakes, muffin then convection is what you need. Since, you can grill and bake independently and this makes convection microwave ovens as the most high end devices.

There is no doubt that out of all three the best convection microwave oven  are more in demand as they deliver more on value.

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